SplendidBackup 2.6: The perfect tool for your backup needs. Support back up to FTP site.

SplendidBackup 2.6

The perfect tool for your backup needs. Supports: back up to FTP site; zip the files to be backed up (with password); scheduled backup; send an email after scheduled backup; create log file after backup; exclude files with specified extensions or only backup files with a specified extension; choose to backup all files or only files which do not exist on existing backup location or are newer.

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Secura Backup Professional 3.06: Backup your data securely with Secura Backup!

Secura Backup Professional 3.06

Secura Backup Professional is powerful professional backup software that specializes in 128 bit secure backups to local drives, network paths, FTP sites, CD/DVDs, and even E-Mail addresses. Secura Backup`s 128 bit encryption ensures that your data is secure both during the transfer and at the backup destination. Secure backups are a requirement in any profession that involves sensitive or classified data. Secura Backup offers scheduling features which are completely customizable and allow full automation of backups. A Windows NT/2K/XP/2003/Vista service is included which will perform your scheduled backups if you aren`t logged in or if Secura Backup isn`t running. The Shadow Copy feature will backup files that are in use or locked by other programs including Outlook PST files, Exchange files and database files like MySQL/MSSQL. The incremental backups feature will prevent files that haven`t been modified from being backed up every time you perform a backup. This saves time and bandwidth. Secura Backup fully supports unicode characters which makes it possible to backup files that include characters from Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and many other character sets. Security in backup software opens a wide range of backup destination options that were never before possible due to insecure protocols and transfer methods. With Secura Backup it is possible to securely send your most sensitive data to remote computers over the internet.

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Comodo Backup Backup fast, Restore easy, Files secure, with the new Comodo Backup!

Comodo Backup

Backup fast, Restore easy, Files secure, with the new Comodo Backup! Main features include: One-click backup, Easy Sync, Online Storage and Drive, Incremental and Differential backup, and Versioning capabilities. The Online Storage integrates seamlessly into Windows via the Online Drive. You can copy/move/delete files/folders same way you do with a disk drive. You can restore backups without install this program, by using self-restoring backup.

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SyncFolder 2.4: Easy-to-use but powerful synchronization and backup-tool with many features

SyncFolder 2.4

SyncFolder helps you to synchronize two or more folders/computers and to backup your important data. All sync-settings can be saved in a syncfolder-projectfile for later execution or scheduled execution. You can set many options and filters which files you wish to be synchronized/backed up/deleted. The program also supports ftp-connections to update ftp-servers or to get files from a ftp-server.

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FileBack PC 4.1.090120: Fast, easy, automated backup and synchronization utility

FileBack PC 4.1.090120

backup your data), backups to and from hard disk/floppy/network drives, compressed backups, scheduled backups and other events, automatic backup of files immediately after being saved, automatic network drive mapping, e-mail notification of backup completion status, automatic product updates, tracking of up to 999 versions of each backup file, easy-to-use backup setup and restoration wizards, backup folder cleanup, backups in response to hardware

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Leo Backup 2.0: Leo Backup: the program to keep you data on secure SFTP and SSL/TLS servers

Leo Backup 2.0

backup processes. With "Pre and Pro running" option is you can easily adjust your programs functionality to your backup plan by launching the backup task before or after some program client`s run to avoid any incompatibility, system hanging or surplus resources consumption. With Scheduler option you can avoid these problems by launching backup process in the most convenient time. Incremental backup allows you reducing the time to complete your backup

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Outlook Backup Assistant 6.1: Easy and complete Outlook data and settings backup; single compressd backup file

Outlook Backup Assistant 6.1

backup File Viewer which allows you to easily view and restore your backups, with just a few clicks. Outlook Backup Assistant supports automated backups as well. Automated backups can be scheduled and executed as often as needed. Compared to similar products, Outlook Backup Assistant really shines in 3 areas: 1) Ease of use. Everything can be accomplished with just a few clicks using a wizard. 2) Complete backups. Only Outlook Backup Assistant backups

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Acritum One-click BackUp for WinRAR 3.00.b21: One-click BackUp is an easy-to-use file backup manager for WinRAR.

Acritum One-click BackUp for WinRAR 3.00.b21

backup tasks at defined time and it supports the command line, so you can also use OCB with external schedulers. Besides the standard scheduler features, OCB has a Shell Notifier to automatically start the backup process when the content of a selected folder changes. Sysadmins will enjoy the startup service, anti-hooligan protection and the remote control feature. You can start, stop, schedule or un-schedule backup tasks remotely from any computer

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DFS Backup 1.0: Automatically backup all AD based DFS namespaces. Can be command line driven

DFS Backup 1.0

Automatically backup all AD based DFS namespaces. Can be command line driven to incorporate into a scheduled backup event. DFSBackup will query Active directory for all DFS namespaces and either backup all of them or a selected few. Restores are just as easy, select what needs to be restored and DFSBackup will do the rest. Peace of mind for the System Administrators to know their namespaces are safely backed up. DFSBackup needs no configuration.

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Renaissance TM 2008 2.002.01: Backup, encrypt, compress, password protect, schedule & restore backups.

Renaissance TM 2008 2.002.01

Introducing Renaissance SE, a powerful Backup application that can encrypt and decrypt data using US Govt. approved AES128 algorithm, along with SHA-2 password protection.Compression in addition, gives optimum savings in space. Renaissance enables selection of data with quick and easy to use wizards. Comprehensive scheduling options allow the user to do backups at idle time. Intelligent Restore options help user retrieve data quickly.

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